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Ashilan, Student on 2015 Foundation Course says It’s been a year since I started my Foundation Course organised under the British Wheel of Yoga and today was the day that I completed it side by side with other lovely people. Everyone has milestones in his/her life and Yoga is one of the biggest, strongest and greatest ones in mine… And I met amazingly inspiring yogi(ni)s on its path, even though I’ve covered only a short distance so far in the last 2 years. All my teachers have given me purely very positive energy and always encouraged me to be brave to go further. They will remain always special for me. However, sometimes your heart feels warmer, calmer, happier, softer and fresher with someone just a little more.. Well, Mandy is one of them who made me believe in myself! I’ve had the most glowing and warmest moments with her during the course. I learned many new things from her, I enjoyed every single course-day so much and I’ve been inspired by her very much. Most importantly, I came to the idea to become a yoga teacher so I could share this great practice with others and spread this love across the universe. I am so grateful for all her best efforts which she made with great enthusiasm at all times. Namaste Mandy! ♡♡♡♡ @weloveyoga2″

Philippe Lourdjane says The course was very interesting and very varied. It gave a lot of information and made me want to know more. I would like to do the BWY Diploma in teaching Yoga next.”

Heather Corrie says Overall the course was very valuable in allowing me to develop personal practice both in how I carry pout individual asana and putting together a logical sequence of asanas and pranayam, a practice.  The course was well presented and Mandy used a number of imaginative presentation techniques to help us remember the various aspects e.g. the eight limbs.

It has achieved my objective of a greater understanding of asana and pranyama but also it has introduced me to the wider yoga philosophies, which I was not really aware of. It was also lovely to share experience with other course participants.”

Emma Nash says “Huge development in terms of learning about the philosophy, different pathways, pranayama techniques, relaxation and breaking down and working in different postures which really helped me to understand the benefits of the postures/how they can can flow into each other and to improve my postures which has an overall benefit to my body.”

Valerie Smyth says “Have developed all over body strength, upper, lower body integration/core strength. To hold asana longer and complete harder asana.  Pranayama techniques has improved. General Knowledge of Yoga tradition/History vastly improved.”

Liz Anderson says “I have learnt a great deal which has been fantastic and really good on a personal development level. Future developments Want to integrate practice into daily life before making next “big” step in yoga, but I am interested exploring teaching Yoga to children.”

Caron Nolan says “Very good and relaxed teaching practice – learned a lot. Approachable tutor. Enjoyed learning more Advanced Yoga practises. Very friendly fellow students.”

Beni Jacob says “When I started the course, I was already doing yoga for a number of years but I lacked discipline and I wanted to develop a deeper understanding of all aspects of yoga. I feel I have definitely achieved this and am more disciplined now. I have enjoyed the course very much. Mandy is a wonderful person and great teacher.”

Jackie Springford says “Asana development, steady progress. Learned how to listen to body and not push, but to let go of ego, and really practice Yoga. Future development/goals…. to teach children Yoga. Enrolled on course commencing Nov 2012.”

Tina Hardy says “During the course I have progressed my home practice and become more focussed.  I have become more aware of the importance of relaxation – when my mind used to wander. Reading books on yoga has given me a better understanding of the history and philosophy of yoga, and being able to talk to and listen to others interpretations has been interesting and informative. The course has given me the confidence to consider becoming a teacher myself, if circumstances allow.”

Katya Andrews says “Attending the Foundation Course has helped me to establish a regular home practice of asana, pranayama and occasionally chanting and it’s made me think about the 8 limbs of yoga and how I can incorporate them into my life and my practice.  I’ve become vegetarian during this course.  I’m more flexible and aware of alignment in postures. I’m kinder to myself.My future goals are to maintain myself practice and I am starting Yoga teacher training as soon as I finish the Foundation course.”

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2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Mandy is a great inspiration – her love of yoga shines through the care and attention shown to students of all abilities. Six years ago I joined classes that my wife Penny had been attending since Mandy’s started. It’s a regular part of our week now.

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