To find out about my British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Courses level 1 & 2 please contact me ~

also retreat days planned for 2022

BWY Foundation course Level 1

The course is for students that have practiced for a minimum of two years and brilliant as a self development yoga course or the first stage on the path towards BWY Teacher Training.

BWY FC level 2 designed for people that have attended a level 1 and want to progress but not teach, a self development course, sharing, reading, discussing the philosophy of yoga

Please read testimonials of previous course’s and know I am Happy to answer any questions you may have ~

mandy 07930498392 ☀️

One thought on “Courses

  1. Hi

    I’d love to do one of your BWY Foundation Courses. Are you running one soon and if so how much are they.

    Thanks a lot


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